Rental fee : 1,500 THB
Quantity : 2

The large RFi 1x6' (30x180cm) strip softbox is ideal for lots of situations, for example still-life, fashion and beauty photographers.

The RFi strip softbox is often used as a distinct rim light that effectively separates the subject from the background. It’s also favored by product photographers requiring a long and narrow reflection with soft edges. In addition, the Strip RFi is a great asset when you are shooting in a confined area.

Output in 2 m at 2400 Ws @ ISO 100        

   f-stop 32 both diffusers

   f-stop 32 3/10 front diffuser only

   Size    :   30 x 180 x 56 cm

   Weight     :     2.4 kg

  • Profoto RFi Soft Box 1'x 6' + Grid